Industry, what Industry?

Our mix for our comrades and fellow heightened curators Pontone has just gone online here for download.

It’s called Industry, what Industry? and we put it together wasted and wired, holed up in Paul’s basement HQ on the day of the dickhead wedding earlier this year.

I don’t want to speak for Paul or really go into any specifics but for me the mini-project was borne out of a terror of the current sociopolitical climate coupled with a remarkable lack of sonic engagement or reflection from far too many quarters. it’s not that i think all bands should suddenly become politicized or something (that’s a potential world of horror to be avoided at all costs) but far too many marginal musics are currently subject to either relentless coziness, vagueness, privilige or coolness which is  increasingly unimpressive when we’re tearing our own streets and selves apart with no focus or aim.

Maybe it’s not even the music, maybe it’s just the peripheries- but it’s frustrating and a cause of anger.  And that’s why we love artists like Hacker Farm – it’s there in the strange staggering junk-grooves – something subversive, something fighting, something fucking pissed off…



2 Responses to “Industry, what Industry?”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Awesome mix. Thanks!

  2. There is something deeply lovely about this mix, interludes especially.

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